Singer & Co.

Singer was one of the three biggest bicycle manufacturers in England, together with Hillman, Herbert and Cooper and The Coventry Machinists Co. George Singer (who formerly worked at CMC) started his own company in 1875 in Coventry. Most ordinaries are called 'Challenge'.
They made a lot of different models in the 1880's and 1890's, including a lot of interesting safeties. All Singer bicycles show the great innovative skills of Singer. 
Special Challenge 1876-77

Singer ca. 1878
 Singer ca 1879

Singer 1881
Singer 1883-1884
Singer 1886
 British Challenge 1887

Singer 1886

Singer Apollo (2 bicycles)
 Singer 1882

 Singer 1885
 Singer 1884
 Singer boy size 44" 1881